Libertalia - 12"/Tape, 2013 / CD, 2014

11-track 12", red translucent vinyl with poster insert
Released by Antikoerper-Export (Germany), DirAction (Germany), Mass Prod (France), Maloka (France), Abracadaboum (France), TNS Records (UK) and Pumpkin Records (UK)

A1. Man Enough
A2. Soy, Not Oi
A3. Textbook Revolutions
A4. No Change Will Come
A5. It's All Coming Down
B1. Like A Mirror
B2. Break The Mold
B3. Work And Toil
B4. Rise From Below
B5. Choking On Your Fumes
B6. Push Em Back

Dub Of Transgression / Dub Comes Due - 7", 2012

2-track 45rpm 7" Vinyl Record
Recorded analog, mastered analog, released analog...
Limited to 333 pieces (213 of which went to the distributing labels), stamped and hand numbered.
Released on the band's own label Dub Evolution, co-released and distributed by Pumpkin Records (UK), TNS Records (UK), Mass Prod (France), Maloka (France), Antikoerper-Export (Germany).

A. Dub Of Transgression
B. Dub Comes Due

Weapons Of The Weak - CD/LP, 2010

16-track full length CD/LP/Download, released on Pumpkin Recs. (UK), Mass Prod (France), Dirty Faces (Germany, BeNeLux, Sweden), 5 Feet Under (Denmark) and Rumblefish (Russia).

01. It Won't Be Drawn
02. To You, The Answer Is No
03. Comin' To Terms
04. Slash And Burn
05. T.I.N.A.
06. One Track Mind
07. Ask A Question
08. Scream When You Burn
09. (This Is) The Dead End
10. City Of Transgression
11. Keep Your Delusion Alive
12. Pointing Fingers
13. Merch Moralia
14. Internalized
15. To This Day
16. Bright Lights, Dirty Dubs

Evolution - Just A Matter Of Time - Tape, 2010

Collection of the first two releases + bonus track taken from the European Choking Victim Tribute, all unprofessionaly remastered in true DIY fashion. Limited Edition, self-released.

A1. Ain't No Fucking Picnic (Click To Download)
A2. Turn Off The TV (Click To Download)
A3. Media (Click To Download)
A4. Are We Guilty? (Click To Download)

B1. Follow The Herd (Click To Download)
B2. I Want Destruction (Click To Download)
B3. Smoking Class (Click To Download)
B4. Ask A Question (Click To Download)
B5. Suicide (Click To Download)

Split CD with Civil War - CD, 2006

8 Track Split CD with Civil War from Holland. Released on Crash Landing Records.
Sold Out.

Braindead Songs:
1. Ain't No Fucking Picnic
2. Follow The Herd
3. I Want Destruction
4. Turn Off The TV

s/t Demo - CD, 2005/2008

4-track Demo CD, first released in 2005 (CD-R), remixed, remastered and re-released in 2008.

1. Smoking Class
2. Media
3. Are We Guilty?
4. Ask A Question